Encouraging young Americans to explore studies and careers in innovative fields such as the life sciences.


The Virginia Bioscience Foundation develops and promotes programs that stimulate interest in bioscience-related STEM (“bioSTEM”) careers among students from K through college.  The Foundation’s programs promote interest in bioscience education and seek to engage bioscience businesses with teachers and students to expose them to the business of bioscience: how business and science come together to create products and services that promote human health.

The Foundation’s long-term goal is to create a pipeline of qualified job candidates to fill jobs created by Virginia’s fast growing bioscience businesses and to develop the next generations of entrepreneurs to lead Virginia’s bioscience companies.

The Virginia Bioscience Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit subsidiary of Virginia BIO. Read on »

About Vabio Foundation

Foundation Initiatives

Future Programs

Curricula Design and Enrichment
 In the future, the Foundation intends to proactively participate in the design of curricula that improve teacher and student exposure to bioscience at all levels in a manner that demonstrates how bioscience disciplines translate to industry and rewarding careers.   If you are interested in helping develop a curriculum, please contact Jim Powers. Entrepreneur Training
 In the future, the Foundation will sponsor programs that train new entrepreneurs in how to successfully start and operate bioscience-related careers by recruiting a faculty of experienced entrepreneurs in the Commonwealth.